As the secretary of the FBLA club you are expected to complete the following duties of your office:
  • Take minutes at all meetings
  • Gather member email addresses and enter them into the member roster Google Document (linked below)
  • After each meeting, generate a "What you missed at the meeting" email to be sent to all members who missed the meeting
  • After each meeting, make a copy of the attendance sheet so you know who to send the email to
  • Use the FBLA secretary gmail account (linked below) to send out all FBLA related emails.
  • Enter each member into the contact listing of the secretary gmail account.
  • Update the Google calendar associated with the FBLA secretary gmail account.
  • Set an example for club members by participating in all events

Secretary Resources

Member Roster Google Document
Secretary Gmail Account:
  • Username: cv.fbla.secretary
  • Password: blueandgold